Bible-Prophecy-The-Last-DayHas God hidden some critically important aspects of the interpretation of Christian end-times prophecies within the depths of Judaism, until this generation?

For anyone curious about prophecy and the signs of the end times, this website links the pieces of the prophecy puzzle in plain, simple language.

There are 1,000 prophecies in the Bible so it’s natural to wonder, have any prophecies been fulfilled? Do they really explain the future? Can we really know what will happen at the end of time?

Clear answers to the most frequently asked questions, clarified prophecy for the average person. Explained in simple layman terms for what could otherwise be mysterious and even frightening, allowing readers to gain a balanced and assuring perspective of the significance of prophetic events to their personal lives as believers in Christ.

This website helps readers understand how prophecy is directly related to world events today.


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